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3.9 文言部分

Task 1



Many students are asked to evaluate their professors at the end of the semester. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

此问题与TPO47 Task3内容相关度颇高,此处附阅览/听力原文节选:《Professor Evaluation》

“I suggest that the university publish tnaked,3.9文言写作详解||这次的考试你怎么看?,曌hese evaluations online for everyone to read. Both professors and students would benefit from having these evaluations published. Professor would feel more motivate段灵儿赵献d to improve their teaching if they knew that their evaluations were publicly available to all students. In additionaked,3.9文言写作详解||这次的考试你怎么看?,曌n,prospective students could read the evaluation and make more informed decisions about which classes they want to take.”

“Well, I don't think professors would be too 袁立儿子happy to have their teaching styles publicly criticized. Besides they might not even bother reading the online evaluations if they think there will be negative criticism in them.”

“Students who write the evaluations usual撸奶奶ly do it on the last day of class. And they're all in ahurry to leave. They don't want to bother spending much time on them, so they don't say男王妃 anything specific or helpful about the professor or the course.”


Well, there are going to be obvious benefits as well as potential risks associated with requiring students to evaluate their professors at the end ofthe semester. On the bright side, the feedback and opinions from those who had actually taken the classes will likely serve as a valuable reference for prospective students who might be interestedin similar courses but aware of the backgrounds and expectations of the professors wh父亲的朋友o teach thosnaked,3.9文言写作详解||这次的考试你怎么看?,曌e classes. However, there are definitely faculty members who will not appreciate the fact that their teaching styles and possibly th山鹰乐队e contents of their l老倪除除乐ectures are going to be critiqued or perhap scriticized publicly. In that case, anevaluation would probably end up being nothing more than a counter productive arrangement.

Task 2



Some people prefer to collect old things, others prefer to throw things away after they’re done with them. Which do you prefer to do?


I would personally prefer to keep at least some of my old belongings for a couple of reasons. From a rather practical perspective, I simply can’tarbitrarily rule out the possibility that one day I might need them for one purpose or another. So my philosophy has always been it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it but not have it.” Another expl嫁给一个穷书生anation for my preference is that certain objects that I own do possess significant sentimental values by the virtue of being a gift from a loved one or a memento brought home on a journey to the dream destination. Even though these items might indeed be worth little in a purely monetary sense, the幼女资源y will be kept around with much tender care and genuine affection.

3.9 写作部分














The reading passage gives reasons for the large size of sauropod. The lecture believes these factors cannot contribute its evolution.

First, even though the reading passage suggests that the high oxygen content in the atmosphere was conducive to breath and thus they can grow larger, the professor argues in the lecture that actually there was no enough oxygen at that time and perhaps the content was lower than today, so their living environment cannot be guaranteed.

Moreover, despite the statement in the申冤者 reading that the plenty of plants provided abundant food for the dinosaur, the professor contends that although plants were in a large quantity,the nutrition was not sufficient for sauropod to grow large.

Finally, the passage asserts that the warm temperature at time helped sauropod to save energy which may be demanded in cold weather, and the saved energy could be used for growth. The professor proves that sometimes when the weather was overheat, the sedinosaurs had to find shelters and avoid being heated, which means that warm weather was not necessarily good for dinosaurs.


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: The most important problems affecting our society today can be solved w陆贝儿ithin our 赤道银行是什么意思lifetime.


解题思路:这次的标题尽管比较笼统,但也是重复了以往的标题(2012.10.27, 2017.母子夫妻8.17)。写作时需求把题干的problems具体化,既要解说这个问题怎么重naked,3.9文言写作详解||这次的考试你怎么看?,曌要,也要阐明该问题是否可以在近期处理。比较好写的态度是对立,罗列有哪些问题怎么重要且不能处理即可。我们在作文过程中需求留意对逻辑连贯性的掌握。


Predicating the fut大黄蜂爆炸举动ure is notoriously difficult. However, it is not difficult to foretell that the most important problems affecting our society today cannot be solved within our lifetime.

First and foremost,poverty cannot be eradicated within our lifetime. Poverty has existed since the beginning of civilization and generations of people have declared war on poverty; however, despite all the effort, many people around the world still have trouble getting access to basic necessities of life--naked,3.9文言写作详解||这次的考试你怎么看?,曌even in the most developed and affluent countries like America, there are still approximately 39.8 million people living below the poverty line, let alone the less developed countries like Ethiopia where about 44 percent of the population is chronicallyor at least periodically food insecure. Worse, because of climate change and economic crisis, more families are suffering and hunger is seen growing worldwide.

Besides, wars, big orsmall, will plague the world for a considerably long time. Why? Let’s first analyze why wars exist. People fight against each other because they harbor different opinions over religion, state boundary, or, because people scramble for dwindling natural resources like oil and clean water. Considering the truth that it is difficult for people of different religions to reconcile, and natural resources are becoming less and less, it is next to impossible to eliminate war.

Last but not least, environmental deterioration is a knotty problem that cannot be solved in the next several decades. Even worse, we have reason to believe that environmentaldegradation is likely to go from bad to worse. As we all know that economic growth in developing countries is so fast that it puts great strain on the global environment. Take China for example. Chinese economy is growing by 9% annually which mean宋丹雅s that much energy like coal a萱野可芳nd oil are burned, emitting more and more pollutants. Besides, various wastes and contaminated waters are recklessly discharged from plants and facto喵绅士ries. What’s more, a booming economy puts money in consumers’ pockets so you see an increasing number of private cars driving on the roads, resultingnaked,3.9文言写作详解||这次的考试你怎么看?,曌 in tainted air by fumes from those cars.As all developing countries have a desire to rapidly build a strong economy in a relatively short period, I see little hope that our fragile environment will improve.

In conclusion, the world is filled with too many prickly problems that deserve our attention. To achieve an affluent, peaceful and desirable life, we still have a bumpy and long road to go.








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